About Us

Our mission is to develop exceptional body and health-related calculators, delivering service and results which users can confidently use and recommend or share with friends and family.

We proudly support our users and our team, by utilizing our long experience in creating calculators for our affiliated media sites. Our goal is to educate and provide comprehensive answers relating to your body and health.

Our Track Record

So far, we have generated fifty-seven million calculations/results for over forty-one million individuals on our sister sites. That is forty-one million people seeking health-related calculations and information.

Our Motto “Know Your Body… Every Inch”

We are dedicated to helping you achieve health-related and body understanding in a clear and accessible manner. Our commitment is to offer trustworthy, transparent, and easy-to-digest information which connects you to valuable health insights, inspiring the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Who We Are

We are a small team of IT specialists and writers dedicated to crafting quality free tools and resources for educational purposes. One of our primary goals with this website is to offer an extensive range of online calculators to facilitate easier access to body-related health and body metric related information.

This site is owned and operated by Wellfulness LLC.

Our Team

Michael Tucker

Founder | Lead Developer | Calculator Creator

Michael Tucker, our founder and lead developer, is a passionate calculator creator with a talent for crafting innovative and user-friendly tools. With his expertise, he especially enjoys planning and creating calculators with a practical purpose, in this case, calculators which help users with health-related and lifestyle goals.

Anne Tucker

Body Shape and Fashion Writer

Anne Tucker, our co-web designer and body shape and fashion writer, is particularly passionate about our body shape calculator. She is involved in all aspects of the site, especially content relating to matching outfits to body shapes and in providing guidance for individualizing unique body shape wardrobes to perfectly complement individuals’ distinctive silhouettes.

Sharon Tucker

Health and Technical Writer | Researcher

Sharon Tucker, our co-writer and co-content editor authors a wide range of health-related and technical articles on our site.

How to Contact Us

Mailing Address: For any physical mail, please send it to the following address:

1201 N. Orange St, Ste 7614
Wilmington, DE 19801

Phone: To reach us by phone, please call +1 (302) 389-5125.

Email: For inquiries, concerns, or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at community@bodycalculate.com and info@bodycalculate.com.

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How does Body Calculate make money?

BodyCalculate.com generates income through various channels, including displaying advertisements on the website, offering paid sponsored content (any sponsored content is marked as such), and incorporating affiliate links to products and services on retail websites. We may earn a commission when users click on these links or complete purchases.

Editorial Independence

BodyCalculate.com is an autonomous health and wellness news platform, and our content is not influenced by external parties. The selection of stories, coverage of companies, and evaluations of fitness and wellness-related products are solely based on our editorial discretion. Read more about our editorial policy.