Editorial Policy

Editorial Independence

Body Calculate’s editorial team maintains autonomy and control over content, with no external influence. We rely on reputable sources and have a strict product review policy.

Reliable Sources

We adhere to stringent sourcing guidelines, using only information from respected medical organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies. The sources are listed at the bottom of every health article.

Expert Contributors & Updates

Our vetted writers specialize in relevant topics, and we follow a structured content maintenance schedule. Articles are updated as new information becomes available or when alerted by readers.

External Links

Articles may contain links to other websites; however, we do not control, endorse, or assume responsibility for their content, advertising, products, or materials.

Fact-Check and Medical Review Policy

For articles where accuracy is paramount, we ensure that they undergo a thorough fact-checking process. When applicable, articles are also medically or professionally reviewed by an expert in the relevant field to maintain the highest standards of reliability and precision.

Expert Review Panel

Our expert reviewers comprise a diverse group of professionals from various fields, including medical practitioners, personal trainers, instructors, athletes, coaches, and other specialists. They bring their expertise and knowledge to our platform to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content. Each article that has been reviewed by our experts will have a clear indication at the top, acknowledging their contribution.