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A guide to embracing and enhancing the natural beauty of the Bottom Hourglass body shape.

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The Bottom Hourglass is a body shape where the hips are wider than the waist and bust and/or shoulders. The lower body is prominent and the waist is defined, creating a bottom-heavy hourglass silhouette.

The Bottom Hourglass body shape shares many similarities with the Hourglass and Pear body shapes. The Bottom Hourglass is a variation of the standard (or classic) Hourglass, where the hips are more pronounced than the bust and shoulders.

Key characteristics of an Bottom Hourglass body shape:

  1. Broad shoulders.
  2. Larger bust.
  3. Narrow waist.
  4. Hips narrower than shoulders/bust.

Related Shapes to Bottom Hourglass

Pear Shape: The Pear and Bottom Hourglass shapes both have narrow shoulders, a defined waist, and wide hips. What, then, is the difference between a Pear and a Bottom Hourglass? The difference is in the waist and hips: The Pear shape has a smaller difference between the waist and bust and is more hip-dominant than the Bottom Hourglass while the Bottom Hourglass has a more pronounced, narrower waist.

Standard Hourglass: A standard Hourglass has a balanced bust and hips along with a narrow/defined waist. The difference between a standard (or classic) Hourglass and a Bottom Hourglass shape is that the Bottom Hourglass is more bottom-heavy, with more pronounced hips and possibly narrower shoulders relative to the bust.

Sub-Variations of a Bottom Hourglass

Curvy Bottom Hourglass, Tall Bottom Hourglass, Petite Bottom Hourglass, Plus Size Bottom Hourglass, Long Legged Bottom Hourglass, and many more.

There are so many variations within the Bottom Hourglass body shape. It is advisable to always approach styling with consideration of your unique features. Your dressing strategies could look somewhat different to the dressing strategies of other Bottom Hourglass figures.

How to Calculate if you are a Bottom Hourglass

Determining if you are a Bottom Hourglass body shape involves assessing if your physique aligns with the characteristics of the Bottom Hourglass body shape. This can be done by comparing your specific measurements to understand the relative size of different areas of your body. This is commonly calculated by using a Bottom Hourglass body shape formula.

The Bottom Hourglass Shape Formula:

You are a Bottom Hourglass body shape if ALL of the following are true

  • Your hip minus bust is greater than or equal to 3.6″
  • Your hip minus bust is less than 10″
  • Your hip minus waist is greater than or equal to 9″

Celebrities with a Bottom Hourglass

Many celebrities have an hourglass figure, and those with fuller hips and thighs are often considered to be Bottom Hourglass.

Shakira: Birth: 2/2/1977 – Height: 5’2″ – Colombian singer and songwriter: known for hits like “Hips Don’t Lie.”

Scarlett Johansson: Birth: 11/22/1984 – Height: 5’3″ – American actress: recognized for her roles in films like “Lost in Translation” and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Eva Mendes: Birth: 3/5/1974 – Height: 5’6″ – American actress and model: known for movies like “Hitch” and “The Place Beyond the Pines.”

Rihanna: The singer and businesswoman has an hourglass shape, and over the years, her curvier hips have been highlighted in various outfits.

Alicia Keys: Birth: 1/25/1981 – Height: 5’6″ – American singer-songwriter and musician: known for hits like “Fallin'” and “No One.”

Halle Berry: Birth: 8/14/1966 – Height: 5’5″ – American actress: Oscar-winner known for roles in films like “Monster’s Ball” and playing Storm in the “X-Men” series.

How to Dress a Bottom Hourglass Body Shape

The Bottom Hourglass figure is characterized by fuller hips and a narrower waist, with a bust size that is less prominent than the hips. The goal in dressing a Bottom Hourglass is to showcase the waist, balance the hips with the bust, and create a harmonious silhouette.

  1. Highlight your Defined Waist: A distinctive feature of a Bottom Hourglass is the pronounced waist.
  2. Balance your Hips with your Bust: Since your hips are more prominent, the aim is to bring more visual balance between your lower and upper body.
  3. Comfort and Fit: Ensure that the hip area is well-fitted without being too tight. This will prevent the lower body from looking overly bulky.

What to Wear as a Bottom Hourglass

  1. U-Necklines: U-Necks help highlight the collarbone area and bring attention to the narrow waist.
  2. Fit-and-Flare Dresses: Fit-and-flare dresses emphasize the waist and allow room for the hips, creating a balanced look.
  3. Full or Tulip Skirts: Full or tulip skirts accommodate wider hips and draw attention to the curvy lower body.
  4. Mid-Rise to High-Waisted Pants and Jeans: Mid-rise to High waisted pants accentuate the waist and hug the hips, creating a harmonious silhouette.
  5. Narrow Belts: Belts at the natural waistline help highlight the waist without adding bulk.
  6. Moderate Straps for Tops/Dresses: Thin straps keep the focus on the waist and hips. Thick straps can add width to the upper body.

Bottom Hourglass Summary

Embracing your Bottom Hourglass shape is about feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. Understanding how various clothing types, styles, cuts, and colors complement your Bottom Hourglass body shape will help you develop your personal clothing style and make clothes shopping easier.

Explore other body shapes that are closely related to yours as well, as these may introduce you to more styles that could further enhance your Bottom Hourglass shaped figure.

Try our body shape calculator.

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  1. How is Scarlett Johansson listed as a bottom hourglass figure? On the other post about hourglass figure it is said that her measurements are 36-25-36. And how is beyonce (her measurements are 35-26-39) considered an hourglass figure whilst shakira isn’t (shakira’s measurements are 34-24-37)?

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