Top Hourglass

A guide to embracing and enhancing the natural beauty of the Top Hourglass body shape.

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The Top Hourglass is a body shape where the bust and/or shoulders are wider than the waist and hips.

The more prominent upper body and defined waist of the Top Hourglass create a silhouette which resembles a top-heavy hourglass.

Key characteristics of an Top Hourglass body shape:

  1. Broad shoulders.
  2. Larger bust.
  3. Narrow waist.
  4. Hips narrower than shoulders/bust.

Related Shapes of the Top Hourglass

Inverted Triangle: The Inverted Triangle is very similar to the Top Hourglass with both shapes having broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and narrow hips. What, then, is the difference between a Top Hourglass and an Inverted Triangle? The answer is in the waist: A Top Hourglass has a pronounced, narrower waist whereas the Inverted Triangle has a smaller difference between the waist and hips and is also more broad-shouldered.

Standard Hourglass: The standard (or classic) Hourglass is also very similar to the Top Hourglass. The difference between a standard Hourglass and Top Hourglass is that the Top Hourglass shape is more top-heavy, with a more pronounced bust and possibly broader shoulders relative to the hips. A standard Hourglass has a more balanced bust-to-hips ratio. Both have narrow/defined waists.

Sub-Variations of a Top Hourglass

  • Curvy Top Hourglass, Tall Top Hourglass, Petite Top Hourglass, Plus Size Top Hourglass, Short Torso Top Hourglass, and many more.

There are many variations within the Top Hourglass body shape. It is advisable to always approach styling with consideration for your unique features. Your dressing strategies could look somewhat different to the dressing strategies of other Top Hourglass figures.

Experiment and find what works for you.

How to Calculate if you are a Top Hourglass

Determining if you are a Top Hourglass body shape works by ascertaining whether your physique aligns with the characteristics of the Top Hourglass body shape. This can be done by comparing your specific measurements to understand the relative size of different areas of your body. This is commonly calculated by using a Top Hourglass body shape formula.

The Top Hourglass Shape Formula:

You are a Top Hourglass body shape if the following are ALL true

  • Your bust minus hip is greater than 1″
  • Your bust minus hip is less than 10″
  • Your bust minus waist is greater than or equal to 9″

Celebrities with a Top Hourglass

Many celebrities have an Hourglass figure, and those described as busty or broad Hourglass shapes typically fall into the category of Top Hourglass.

Lacey Chabert: Birth: 9/30/1982 – Height: 5’2″ – American actress: known for “Mean Girls” and “Party of Five.”

Charlotte McKinney: Birth: 8/6/1993 – Height: 5’7″ – American model and actress: known for “Carl’s Jr.” commercials and “Dancing with the Stars.”

Katy Perry: Birth: 10/25/1984 – Height: 5’8″ – Internationally renowned singer and songwriter.

Jessica Simpson: Birth: 7/10/1980 – Height: 5’3″ – American singer, actress, and fashion designer.

Kelly Brook: Birth: 11/23/1979 – Height: 5’6″ – English model, actress, and media personality.

Pamela Anderson: Birth: 7/1/1967 – Height: 5’7″ – Canadian-American actress and model: known for “Baywatch”.

Carmen Electra: Birth: 4/20/1972 – Height: 5’2″ – American model, actress, singer: gained fame in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Lindsey Pelas: – Birth: 5/19/1991 – Height: 5’3″ – American model: known for Instagram.

How to Dress a Top Hourglass Body Shape

The Top Hourglass figure is characterized by a larger bust and broad shoulders with a narrower waist and narrower hips. The goal in dressing a Top Hourglass shape is to showcase the waist while balancing the bust and hips, and generally creating a harmonious silhouette.

  1. Highlight your Defined Waist: A distinctive feature of a Top Hourglass is the pronounced waist.
  2. Balance your Bust with your Hips: Since your bust is more prominent, the aim is to bring some visual balance between your upper and lower body.
  3. Comfort and Fit: Ensure that the bust area is well-fitted without being too tight. This will prevent the upper body from looking overly bulky.

What to Wear as a Top Hourglass Figure

  1. V-Necklines: V-Necks help elongate the neck and balance out the broadness of the shoulders.
  2. Wrap Dresses and Tops: Wrap Dresses cinch in at the waist, and can draw the eye downwards.
  3. Balanced Skirts: A-line or slightly flared skirts can provide balance to the top-heavy figure.
  4. High-Waisted Pants and Jeans: These can accentuate the waist and create a balanced look, especially when paired with tucked-in tops.
  5. Wide Belts: Belts help highlight the waist and create a clear distinction between the bust and hips.
  6. Moderate to Wide Straps for Tops/Dresses: Wider straps can balance the upper body.

Top Hourglass Summary

Embracing your Top Hourglass shape is about feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. Understanding how various clothing types, styles, cuts, and colors complement your Top Hourglass body shape will help you find your own style and make it easier to choose clothes you love and enjoy wearing.

Explore other body shapes that are closely related to yours as well, as these may introduce you to more styles that could further enhance your Top Hourglass shaped figure.

Try our body shape calculator.

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